Tuesday, March 30, 2010

there's a hitch in your giddy up

this week has been exhausting. mostly because when you're on crutches...everything wears you out so much faster. In a heated ADPi C team game against A Chi O, totes dominated by the way playoffs tomorrow so jazzed, I ran after a loose ball and slid for it with my left leg extended. Got up played the rest of the game, went to stompfest, went home. Woke up to go potty at 4 and couldn't walk. Turns out I pulled my hamstring in my left leg and resprained my ankle in my right leg. Awesome blossom. Getting around was that much harder, getting anything done was that much more impossible, keeping up with stompfest..ha wow. its been a long week. but what a great weekend. Lizzie, a fellow ADPi, invited some of us to her house in austin for the weekend. Super fun shopping, hanging out, good people, good food. It was relaxing and so much fun. I love those girls so much. If that weren't enough, BAYLOR BASKETBALL. Holy moly. Those of you who know me, know I. LOVE. BASKETBALL. I've played since kindergarten. What a great weekend of playing from both the women's and men's teams. and if THAT weren't enough, my brother visited!!! we drove to and from austin together and watched both games together. i so so so loved that time with him. so much so that i unexpectedly cried when he left to go back to dallas. I'm really proud of him and everything he's become. So this week started with Physical therapy class, meeting with librarian for research paper, class, class, tutoring with my logic TA, getting stompfest stuff, stompfest tech, making myself stop crying from being active during stompfest tech, watching the rest of stomp practice and finally coming home around 11:15. So tired. but what have i been doing instead of working on my debate, paper, and test prep? facebook stalking, basketball researching, MLIA reading...about to make myself get up, shower, and do some work. Then start all over tomorrow. Time management is key to my survival...and right now...I've got nothin.

away I go. and yes. I am playing in the basketball game tomorrow. and wednesday. they can't stop me.

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